Standard for Low-Risk Tourism

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, DEKRA is presenting a test concept for low-risk tourism and travel. DEKRA experts have developed “Trusted Facility Standard Hygiene Measures” to check compliance with recognized pandemic regulations in hotels, on campsites, and at travel service providers.

DEKRA work safety

The concept comprises the auditing of the hygiene standards and preventative measures against the spread of COVID-19. These criteria are in line with WHO guidelines. The checklist comprises more than 100 criteria with varying weighting to be fulfilled in the areas of accommodation, gastronomy, transportation, and services, such as cleaning.

The safety check is intended to contribute to minimizing the risks for providers who are checked and guests as well as to building trust. The process initially comprises an interview based on the list of criteria, followed by an on-site audit and, subsequently, regular checks by DEKRA auditors with experience in the industry. DEKRA has already implemented the Trusted Facility concept with two leading campsite operators, serving as pilot customers, in neighboring France.

“DEKRA offers comprehensive concepts worldwide for living safely during the coronavirus pandemic. To do so, we combine our expertise in process audits, product testing, and occupational health and safety,” said DEKRA CEO Stefan Kölbl. “An extremely important question in these times is the safety of millions of vacationers, whom we want to protect with a standard that is recognized throughout Europe. For this purpose, DEKRA is also having discussions with EU decision-makers and is supporting corresponding political efforts.”