Guadalajara: DEKRA Opens First Vehicle Inspection Station in Mexico

The first DEKRA powered vehicle inspection station in Mexico has opened in Guadalajara. The global leader in the field will open five additional emission check stations in Guadalajara by May 2021, bringing 240 new jobs to Mexico’s second largest city. The stations are a critical element of “Jalisco Respira”, a state program to reduce emissions and improve air quality.

Opening Mexico 3
Ribbon cutting at the new DEKRA inspection station in Guadalajara.
  • First of six emissions check stations in the city planned for 2021
  • First privately-operated vehicle inspection station in the state of Jalisco
  • Critical element in the state’s commitment to reduce vehicle emissions

“Requiring vehicles to undergo state-of-the-art emission checks is an example of how Jalisco continues to lead by example as we protect our natural resources to secure the environmental and economic health of future generations,” said Enrique Alfaro Ramírez, Governor of Jalisco. DEKRA’s experience and expertise convinced Jalisco’s authorities, said the Governor. “In DEKRA we have a strong partner to improve air quality in our state.”

The stations will be operated by DEKRA and managed by the state’s Ministry of Environment and Territory Development (SEMADET). The new DEKRA stations will offer comprehensive emission inspections for traditional and diesel fuel vehicles, including all state and municipal vehicles, as well as commercial vehicles. “We are committed to improving air quality in our communities and creating a safer world,” said Bert Zoetbrood, President and Chief Regional Offer of DEKRA Americas. “We are also committed to best-in-class partnership, which allowed us to open this station five months ahead of schedule by working closely with our partners at SEMADET.”

Located in central Guadalajara, the new station is the first privately-operated vehicle inspection station in the state of Jalisco. The new station’s seven lanes are projected to handle 65,000 inspections in 2021 and grow to more than 100,000 per year in the future. Once open, the six DEKRA-powered stations in Guadalajara will include 42 lanes and are expected to handle a total of 600,000 inspections each year.

“DEKRA is recognized as the world’s leading vehicle inspection company, performing more than 27 million inspections annually in more than 20 countries,” said Stan Zurkiewicz, Chief Operating Officer and Member of the Management Board of DEKRA SE “We are honored to bring our high-quality service and reputation for integrity to our new customers in Mexico as we continue to expand the DEKRA footprint globally.”