This service offers the option of transporting vehicles to the point of request, for example, transfers between different facilities of each Official AIGLON NETWORK Distributor, between delivery points from the expiration of a timeshare contract and the facilities of an Official AIGLON NETWORK Distributor, picking up a replacement vehicle from an AIGLON NETWORK facility and delivering it to the customer, picking up a vehicle from the customer and taking it to the repair shop for repair, etc.

The Supplier undertakes to pick up the vehicles owned by the Official Distributor of the AIGLON NETWORK from the points indicated by the Company and deliver them to the points also indicated by the Company. The delivery points are located within Attica, namely within the boundaries of Attica.

The provision of this service requires:

  • two (2) employees per transfer
  • supplier’s transport vehicle
  • transfers must be pre-argued two days and not later than one day prior to their execution, for optimal service.
  • only the routes made with an AIGLON NETWORK Official Distributor’s vehicle are charged by the Supplier.
  • the cost applies to each route/movement made.
  • additional charge for same-day notification.
  • transported vehicles must be covered by fully comprehensive car insurance.
  • in case of vehicle damage attributable to DEKRA, DEKRA will compensate up to the exemption amount provided by the vehicle’s comprehensive insurance.

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