DEKRA takes over vehicle inspection in Costa Rica

The international expert organization DEKRA is becoming active in another market for periodic vehicle inspection. The government of Costa Rica has chosen DEKRA to operate the country’s vehicle inspection program. The world’s largest vehicle inspection organization is expected to begin inspections at the end of September 2022. The Central American nation will become the 25th country in the world in which DEKRA conducts vehicle inspections.

Vehicle inspection
  • Global number one to start at the end of September
  • Extensive experience and global reputation tipped the scales
  • Fifth country in the Americas where DEKRA inspects vehicles

DEKRA will operate the “Inspección Técnica Vehicular” vehicle inspection program for two years, including the management of 13 physical stations and 3 mobile stations across Costa Rica. DEKRA plans to employ approximately 450 local personnel in order to conduct an average of two million vehicle inspections each year. Inspections are required annually for all vehicles in Costa Rica, including passenger cars, commercial vehicles, taxis, and motorcycles. Required inspections include testing safety components, such as performance of brakes and shocks, as well as emissions testing.

The decision in favor of DEKRA was announced by the President of Costa Rica, Rodrigo Chaves, highlighting DEKRA’s extensive experience in vehicle inspection and its global reputation for excellence as part of its winning bid. Eleven bids from national and international companies were considered in the competitive tender.

“Each day and in every action we take, DEKRA is committed to creating a safer and more sustainable world,” said Bert Zoetbrood, Executive Vice President of the DEKRA Group and Head of DEKRA Americas. “We are proud to be the vehicle inspection partner for the government and the people of Costa Rica, making roads safer and air cleaner with each inspection that we conduct.”

“DEKRA’s technical expertise in the field of periodic vehicle inspection is in demand worldwide and is winning over more and more markets,” says Christoph Nolte, who, as Executive Vice President, is responsible for DEKRA’s Vehicle Inspection service division. “Technically safe vehicles that are regularly inspected according to recognized standards are a basic prerequisite for road safety.”

With a population of around five million, Costa Rica will be the fifth country in North and South America where DEKRA carries out vehicle inspections, joining existing programs in the United States, Mexico, Chile, and Brazil. In the past 18 months, DEKRA has established new vehicle inspection business in five countries. DEKRA is the world’s leading vehicle inspection company and, with the addition of Costa Rica, will perform nearly 30 million inspections annually.