DEKRA recognized as an Authorized Laboratory by ioXt Alliance to perform testing services for Internet-of-Things cybersecurity market

June 24th, 2020. DEKRA is one of the first Authorized Laboratories recognized by the ioXt Alliance in the world for performing testing and certification services for the Internet-of-Things (IoT) cybersecurity market. DEKRA recently became a member of the ioXt Alliance and now has joined the ioXt Certification Program as one of the exclusive test providers to determine whether the products comply with ioXt security specifications and standards to bear the ioXt Certification Mark.


The ioXt Alliance is composed of a group of manufacturers, industry alliances and government organizations. Its mission is to harmonize best security practices and establish testable standards that give retailers and consumers product confidence in a highly connected world. For this reason, the ioXt Alliance created the ioXt Security Pledge, eight principles that compose a set of device standards that an IoT product must comply to bring security, upgradability and transparency to the market and consumers.

Through the ioXt Certification Program, manufacturers may submit their products to Authorized Labs to test if the devices meet the ioXt security requirements to obtain the ioXt Certification Mark. These laboratories are designated by the ioXt Alliance and DEKRA is proud to be one of them. “We are pleased to include DEKRA as an Authorized Lab, a leading company in automotive and cybersecurity fields for testing, certification and inspection services, whose expertise is valuable for the ioXt Alliance”, says ioXt Alliance CTO Brad Ree.

DEKRA’s scope as an IoXt Authorized Lab covers testing and certification of Android devices, smart speakers, consumer cameras, lighting, automotive infotainment, HVAC and appliances. In addition, manufacturers can obtain further services included in DEKRA’s portfolio, such as regulatory, type approval, wireless testing, global market access, and cybersecurity services. With the incorporation of the ioXt scope, DEKRA offers all testing and certification services required to launch an IoT device to any market.

DEKRA starts offering the new IoXt cybersecurity services in its laboratory located in Malaga, Spain. Fernando E. Hardasmal, Executive Vice President Service Division Product Testing at DEKRA, highlighted the recognition granted by the ioXt Alliance as “a fantastic opportunity to continue expanding our cybersecurity services portfolio for global IoT manufacturers in close cooperation with the ioXt Alliance and its members. DEKRA continues investing in the development of cybersecurity services, including testing and certification services through the DEKRA Cybersecurity Hub and multiple DEKRA Service Divisions, which shows a strong commitment to the security market”.