DEKRA DIGITAL at IAA Mobility – making tomorrow’s transportation safe and secure

DEKRA DIGITAL has partnered with transportation trade show IAA Mobility, which is being held for the first time in Munich, Germany, from September 7 to 12, 2021. On Thursday, September 9, DEKRA DIGITAL will be hosting a podium discussion at the world’s largest event focusing on the transportation of the future. It will be joined by industry experts to debate what is needed to make technologies in vehicles and transportation solutions safe – both now and in the future.

  • DEKRA DIGITAL partners with world’s largest transportation trade show
  • Key issues for future road vehicles: cyber security and artificial intelligence

With automated driving, artificial intelligence (AI), and software updates, vehicles are already constantly churning out large volumes of data – and in the future, they will generate several thousand terabytes a day. With an average of over 70 million passenger cars registered worldwide each year, we are seeing a rapid increase in the amount of data in vehicles and in the data traffic with their environment. Against this backdrop, a safe future for transportation will need to be based on securely interconnected technologies. In hosting the roundtable at IAA Mobility, DEKRA DIGITAL hopes to raise awareness of the fact that digitally integrated and connected vehicles will require even more thorough testing to ensure that they meet safety requirements. “Drivers and users will only be able to keep feeling safe in the future if the technologies used in vehicles and transportation solutions are continuously tested and certified,” says Dr. Kerim Galal, Managing Director of DEKRA DIGITAL.

Automakers must ensure that all new vehicle types from July 2022 are tamper-proof in terms of connectivity and data transmission. To ensure that vehicles go digital in a safe and secure manner, DEKRA has established the DEKRA Cyber Security Hub as well as its own Artificial Intelligence Hub. Since then, it has consistently expanded its range of services for the transportation of the future. And this summer, DEKRA has been listed as a designated technical service for cyber security and software updates in the automotive sector by the German Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA).

Panel on safe driving with international transportation experts
In a session titled “Tech vs. Trust,” an international panel of experts will discuss technologies of the future such as artificial intelligence and cyber security – and how to make them safe and reliable for the transportation industry. Automated driving and the regulatory environment will also be covered in the discussion. “At IAA Mobility, we want to show that a holistic approach to safety will be needed for the transportation of the future – with a big-picture view when it comes to manufacturers, vehicles, users, and road infrastructure,” says Dr. Tarek Besold, head of strategic AI at DEKRA DIGITAL.

The following experts in the field will be taking part in the podium discussion on Thursday, September 9, from 12 p.m.:

  • Carlos Bhola, tech investor and Managing Director at Celsius Capital
  • Stefan Carsten, transportation researcher, Zukunftsinstitut Frankfurt
  • Dr. Philipp Gneiting, head of open innovation and customer insights, Mercedes-Benz AG
  • Dr. Tarek Besold, head of strategic AI, DEKRA DIGITAL
  • Moderator: Laura Keicher, HR and academy, Fanbase GmbH