DEKRA announces the merger of their UK Process Safety and Organisational Reliability businesses

Southampton/Aberdeen, UK – Oct 01, 2020

Chilworth DEKRA

DEKRA is delighted to announce the merger of its UK process safety consulting, testing, and advisory firm Chilworth Technology Ltd (trading as DEKRA Process Safety) with its UK behavioural change consultancy DEKRA Organisational Reliability, to form DEKRA Organisational and Process Safety (DO&PS) from 1 October 2020. Coming together to create the new entity, DEKRA UK Ltd., strengthens the company’s offerings providing a unique service within the UK. The new organisation is now a one stop shop for high hazard process industries – from Oil & Gas, Chemical and Pharmaceutical, to Food, Construction, and beyond – offering practical solutions in behavioural safety, process safety and human reliability.

DEKRA Organisation and Process Safety Managing Director, Dr. Steve Rowe, comments: “The integration of our two UK DEKRA businesses creates a unique and powerful combination which will increase our ability to fulfil our mission “to make work safer” for our clients. It has long been recognised that, next to technical safety, human performance is a key determinant in success. Our businesses are highly complementary in terms of customer sectors, geographic locations and service synergy – so this is a hugely exciting integration for DEKRA in the UK”.

By fostering a “Culture of Care”, organisations demonstrate an understanding that safety goes beyond compliance resulting in fewer injuries, improved reliability, saved lives, and better businesses. “DEKRA has already had a lot of interest by current clients to reduce process safety risks and improve human reliability at the same time with one practical approach. Being able to consult with one company will be more beneficial for clients, not just in terms of efficiency, but also with a sizable company that has the expertise and experience to be a reliable safety partner.”, Rowe adds.

As part of DEKRA’s continued commitment to ensuring global safety, the creation of DEKRA Organisational and Process Safety signals a new dawn in holistic safety. Bringing complementary services together to better serve its clients, DEKRA aims to uphold its mission and fulfil its vision of being the global partner for a safe world, whilst taking a step closer to a future where “We live in a safe world”.

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