DEKRA Extends Global Testing Network for Automated and Connected Driving in China

International expert organization DEKRA is extending its global testing network for automated and connected driving. The group has announced the development of an important joint venture with Zhejiang Intelligent Connected Vehicle Innovation Center in Deqing in Eastern China. Together, both partners are determined to create a high-profile testing site for future vehicle technologies.

  • Expert organization announces commitment in testing center in Deqing
  • New automotive digital technologies need to be safe
  • DEKRA has been working for safety on the road for 95 years

“China is the world’s largest automotive market and a major driving force for electric, automated, connected and shared mobility”, says Stan Zurkiewicz, Executive Vice President of DEKRA Group for the East & South Asia region. “As a global partner for a safe world, DEKRA wants to play its part in making sure that the dynamic development of automated and connected vehicles takes course in a safe way for everyone involved. We are pleased to be working together with our Chinese partner to jointly develop this testing facility. We are bringing valuable global testing experience and expertise to the partnership.”

DEKRA, founded in 1925 in Germany, is now a global market leader in vehicle testing and inspection. Safety of automated and connected driving has been one of its focus areas for years, adhering to the company’s 95-year-old mission for safety. “DEKRA has invested heavily in building and continuously upgrading Europe’s largest independent test area for automated and connected mobility at the Lausitzring racetrack in Klettwitz, Germany”, says Clemens Klinke, Member of the Board of DEKRA SE. “Meanwhile, our connectivity test center in Málaga, Spain, with its strong testing capability and research and development experience in wireless communications is another important component of our international testing network. We are looking forward to adding a further building block with the new facility in Deqing.”

The joint venture will be working to continuously upgrade C-V2X (cellular vehicle-to-everything) testing ability in the Deqing test area and align with the planned state of the art laboratory facilities and services there.

Last weekend, this important China-Germany joint venture was presented in the 2020 Global Future Mobile Conference held in Deqing, one of the most important conferences on automated driving and connectivity in China, to showcase the typical C-V2X testing scenarios in Deqing testing area. The event demonstrated testing scenarios and testing tools developed by DEKRA in Europe according to international requirements that will be deployed globally. The newly created joint venture demonstrated the V2V (vehicle-to- vehicle) and V2I (vehicle-to-infrastructure) communication testing scenarios successfully.

“Through working with Zhejiang Intelligent Connected Vehicle Innovation Center in Deqing, DEKRA is pleased to contribute to the development of the automotive industry in China on future mobility’s innovation and transformation”, added Stan Zurkiewicz.